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A girl who catches a lot of balls
denise is pretty slutty when she drinks... what a mitt
by prison mike February 13, 2012
(verb) To use short, crafted statements to justify or legitimize unpopular statements or actions. Usually used as a public relations or propaganda technique. See spin
1. My boss mitt me when he laid me off by telling me that it was to my benefit by opening up my opportunities elsewhere.

2.That politician mitt the protester who questioned him on his "corporations are people" statement by saying, "corporations are made up of people so they are people"
by Kanefire January 09, 2012
refers to ones own hands
i had all i needed, gas can, razor wire, hack saw, and my mitts
by Humpleton Jarble September 17, 2005
Mitt is when female pubic hair is growing out of control.
I was going to go down on Sally, but her Mitt was out of control, I could not see what I would have been licking. Not Good!

Look at the bulge in Penelope's bikini. She must have a Mitt!

Man, she had a 70's Mitt!, She has to shave that shit!
by Robert June 14, 2006
Female genitalia, particulary genitalia on an attractive female body.
Went to Trappers last night with Ryan and Jer and no kidding, we were knee deep in Mitt!

So Daryl, how was she man?
Let me tell ya buddy, she had a Mitt like velvet!
by nothingbuttrouble May 22, 2005
Someone's face,
An ugly face.
"You got shit all over your mitt"
"That kid has mitt disease stage 10"
by phillyniggga October 19, 2014
an unusually large pussy,usually protruding through her pants
Boy that chick had a mitt like Johnny Bench
by bobbyt June 18, 2006
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