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RS model = chick car GSX = balls to the wall mans whip. the guy that posted number 2 is a retard
mitsubishi eclipse GSX is the turbo all wheel drive
#mitsubishi eclipse #retard #balls #cheese #nipples #corn
by mc loven ur mom July 10, 2008
Mitsubishi eclipse RS, GS, GS-Turbo, GSX-all wheel drive
Though very fast cars in there own perspective. They have many flaws such as but not limited to Crankwalk, Bent valves(see broken timing belts) shitty timing belts, and failing automatic transmissions. The RS and GS eclipses ARE NOT FAST they are rice wagons and are most likey driven by a ricer (see ricer,ricer burner, wigger, or wigger ricer for definition) THe rs and some GS modelsshare a common engine with the dodge neon the 420a engine a dohc 150hp 132ft/lb 2.0 4 cyl engine fast in a neon r/t or ACR- a 2500 or less pound car ,SLOW ASS HELL IN A 3200-3500 pound eclipse. these eclipses should not be mistaken with the 210 hp 4g63 turbocharged engine in the GS-T or GSX- these cars share this engine with older Mitsubishi Lancer EVO's. these engines however(unlike the eclipses 420a) can be very easily upgraded on STOCK INTERNALS to be 400+hp which has been proven over and over again. NO this car is not a ricer by any means. rs and gs can be and most likey are.
MAN my mitsubishi eclipse rs has a racing fart can and high performance cold air intake and i still couldnt take that ford mustang GT, why did that mitsubishi eclipse GSX with just a lil boost controller could?

ricer: man my mitsubishi eclipse rs runs over 38psi

eclipse GSX owner: yeah in your tires. people like you that drive the base models of the fast cars give the real version of the car a bad name!.
#dsm #eclipse #mitsubishi #turbo #racing #rice
by 97blackonblackgst July 18, 2009
A womans car. Last year almost 70% of new car registrations of Eclipse in the United States were done by women. Designers of the eclipse admit it was designed with the female market in mind.
Official list of top womens cars

1.Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse
2.Saturn l-300
3.Toyota Rav 4
4.Mitsubishi Eclipse (not spyder)
5.Land Rover Freelander
6.Ford Mustang (girly car not womens car)

this is not to be confused with Ford Mustang which is not a womans car. It is actually a Girls car, usually seen at drivers ed parking lots. Big difference.
#muscle #eclipse #ford #mustang #ford mustang #cars #mitsubishi #hairdressers car #daddy's little girl #girly car
by Ford_Girl July 28, 2009
A girl car, that ricers are in denial about it indeed, being a girl car.
Bryce, who is a girl, drives a mitsubishi eclipse.
#rice #eclipse #bryce #hate #me
by 240sx June 12, 2008
One of the biggest pieces of shit ever offered by the Mitsubishi Motor Company. It was assembled in Normal Illinois coming off the same line as the Eagle Talon from 1990 to 1999 and had zero actual Mitsubishi content being of all Chrysler heritage. Eclipses are preferred by chicks and queers.
Look at that POS Mitsubishi Eclipse, man that guy seems like the kinda guy that would also drive a Ford Probe.
#eclipse #ford probe #pos #eagle talon #mitsubishi
by Scott M Brown June 18, 2008
A cheap Jap knock-off of the far superior Ford Mustang.
Look at that stupid wigger with his riced-out Mitsubishi Eclipse, what a retard
#wigger #retard #rice #jap #shit
by The Real Eggplant June 14, 2007
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