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2004 Mitsubishi Colt

First up, news that Mitsubishi will be scrapping, or rather 'upgrading', its ageing Mirage to the recently revealed 2003 Colt, will likely see the carmaker's small car sales possibly double in the local market.
Home made pipe extender, smashed window, three cylinders yeah it goes reaaal slow!!!
by Nick (classic) Jones October 16, 2003
Can hardly hold any golf clubs. Piece of shit.
(Noun)Kolt Is shit. (Adj) That thing is so bad its Koltish. (Verb) Ive eaten so much im going for a Kolt. (adverb) Ive mixed drinks heaps bad. Tomorrow morning ill do one Koltish Kolt.
by Alex White March 28, 2004
Nice pipe extender, home job, tak welded on, sic car, holes in muffler, make it sound hardcore, but its not!
Brians kolt
by Nick (Classic) Jones August 07, 2003
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