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Mitcham is a - perhaps unexpectedly - rather picturesque small town located within Greater London. It's got some genuinely pretty period architecture - for example see photos below of the town's churches and "White House" (no not that one). The area has perhaps been a tad looked down on in the past (often by people who have never been there). But it's smartening up, and its innate visual appeal - especially in its older parts - makes it a perfectly pleasant, green little area to live in or visit. And local borough council plans for town centre improvements will provide a further spur towards it realising its full potential before long.
Question one: What sort of people would Mitcham appeal to?
-- Those who appreciate pretty buildings and plenty of green open spaces (such as Mitcham Common and Mitcham Fair Green).

Question two:Where is it precisely?
-- It's a mile or two further out of central London than Wimbledon, just within the Surrey side of the London/Surrey border. But officially it IS in London, as it's in a London borough (Merton). It is exactly eight miles from Charing Cross (the official central point of London).
by .l April 17, 2014
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