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Mitcham Girls is one of two public, single sex schools in South Australia. It is not a zoned school and therefore attracts students from all suburbs across Adelaide and near country towns. Many girls travel considerable distances to come to a school which makes empty promises of providing them exciting opportunities in an environment that is calm, friendly, caring and academically challenging. But in actuality, it is a dirty cesspool that will do anything and everything in its power to screw a student over academically, destroy their sense of self and kill off any lingering chances they had of gaining their High School certificate SACE.
mitcham kid: "Dude! My SACE pattern is all fucked up and now I have to repeat Year 11!"
ex-mitcham kid:"That's Mitcham Girls High School for you."
by stingstingsting! November 08, 2008
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A public all-girls high school in Adelaide, South Australia. It is impossible to emerge from that school without being completely fucked over in some way. In particular having your subject patterns messed up resulting in having to repeat a grade or having to move schools.
Girl 1: "Dude! My SACE pattern is all fucked up and now I have to repeat Year 11!"
Ex-Mitcham Girl: "Thats totally fucked but you got to Mitcham Girls High School, what did you expect?"

Kid: "What school do you go to?"
Anne: "Mitcham Girls High School"
Kid: "Fucking sucks to be you!"
by stustu1 November 10, 2008
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