A man, who is a bitch.
---Hey, look at that dude over there getting flipped on by that chick!
--Ha, yeah what a mitch.

---Why are you so mitchy today?

---You son of a mitch!

---That kid just got mitched by that guy.

---You dudes are a bunch of little mitches.
by Ross-ome May 04, 2010
Mitch Is A Name For Super Awesome People
Dude 1 - Did You See That Guy
Dude 2 - He Was So Mitch
by MeIThinks June 13, 2009
An amazing person who is sexy. He is really funny and is guaranteed to tease you a lot but it's funny.He can be an idiot . You can count on them to make you laugh and make you happy. A mitch is the most special person ever.
What's your name.... Mitch:D
by Sidnao June 17, 2011
A male bitch, similar to an asshole.

He speaks his mind and is very sarcastic, but he continues to have a lot of friends.
"He got pissed and told me off! He's being such a Mitch today."
by Bromance1 October 15, 2013
Noun - Eponymous with 'bitch'. Someone who exhibits female tendencies, a reluctance to have fun, or to engage in group activities, such as drinking.

Verb - To Mitch - to act in such a way that you miss out on an activity, make yourself seem less masculine, or generally cancel your previously-made plans.
Noun - "Randy, Stop being such a raging "Mitch""
Verb - "I can't believe Zach "mitched" out on watching the game"
by AussieMan September 24, 2013
A man that acts like a bitch
"Something Borrowed is your favorite movie? Dude you're such a mitch"
"You're stuck in the friend zone because you're a complete mitch"
by TimDim March 23, 2014
Mitch is someone you can be proud to call your boyfriend and he may have a lot of mental problems but there a part of what made him into the nice caring boyfriend he is. When he's looks in your eyes and tells you your beautiful your heart literally skips a beat. He'll give you long hugs and kisses that make your heart melt. He'll even tickel you to death just to see u smile and laugh at him. He makes you feel completely comfortable being around him. He's completely trust worthy. He's very passionate about plants and has a hilarous sense of humor. Mitch Is protective but in a good way not over the top. He is also a very spiritual kind of guy. Mitch is the kindest most down to earth boyfriend you could ever have! He may not Believe he's goodlooking and thts ok because he is no matter what he says!!!
Mitch: Goodnight Sweetie :) Abby: Goodnight Honey :)
by I ♥ Sexy Nerd Glasses November 19, 2013
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