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The act, while showering with your significant other, of laying an overwhelming fart and quickly exiting the shower; leaving your significant other trapped with the terrifying stink.
My wife wouldn't have sex with me in the shower, so I laid a Mississippi Steamboat on her to teach her a lesson.

She wasn't giving it up, so I dropped the old Mississippi Steamboat.
by jcss February 05, 2008
When a man is about to ejaculate on his partner's face, and ends up creaming up their nose.
Andy! Oh my god! Breathe! I accidentally gave you a Mississippi Steamboat!
by Keenan15 April 11, 2010
When you are titty-fucking your sister and right after you blow your load, you use one hand to hold her tits together while you rock backward and rip a huge fart through her cum-covered tits, making the sound of a steamboat horn and spraying her face like she were riding on a steamboat in heavy surf.
She's still mad at me for giving her the ol Mississippi Steamboat last night...
by Missy Steambizzle May 28, 2016
when you are fucking a girl doggy style, pull out right before you ejaculate, and catch then heat up and throw it on her face
dude i gave this bitch a mississippi steamboat last night and she liked it
by bhj December 27, 2007
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