Take a watery dump on your partner superior to the nipple line (ideally midway between collarbone and nipple). The partner then sprints and dives across a linoleum floor, thus creating a mudslide down the hallway. The derivation of its state prefix is attributable to the fact that Mississippians are too poor to afford actual water slides or anything but linoleum in their single wide trailers.
It was a stifling Saturday afternoon with nothing on the tv but duck dynasty reruns so Bubba and Sara decided to take turns relieving on each other and performing Mississippi mudslides.
by 10barrelwords March 01, 2014
an act which enlists a group of posh, pretentious twats, who, usually, know each other from the villages' local cricket teams. Said twats get naked, and all do a shit on a long peice of heavy duty plastic which is laid out down the length of one's garden. They then proceed to take turns in running up to and sliding down the plastic, which by now is covered in shit.
posh twat 1: "oh Mortimer, do join us for a Mississippi Mud Slide on Saturday after cricket."

posh twat 2 (who we now know as 'Mortimer'):"That'd be just splendid if I didn't have an infected bock boil. I'll come along for the chinwag though"
by el kizzle May 02, 2009
The act of using watery feces to humiliate another individual in any way whatsoever. Also an act of morbid affection.
We all watched in horror as Danielle Donatello vandalized Xander Zimmalina's Shitty Times Ten(Chevrolet S-10) by putting her watery feces all over it. She later explained that she had just performed the infamous Mississippi Mudslide. She also added that this is also an act of morbid affection. We were totally shocked and genuinely afraid. We then proceeded to back away slowly while carefully keeping her in our line of vision. Before finally sprinting to safety one of us told Danielle to "look over there". Upon success of this classic diversionary technique, we found safety in a nearby alley. Breathing heavily we all wondered if one day we would ourselves become victims of the Mississippi Mudslide. We hoped not but then again it is an act of affection so we were somewhat confused.
by Don Turgenson April 11, 2008
After finishing with that lame, I just lay on my back and don't move piece of ass, you deficate on the clit and watch it slide

Note: works best after a long night of Corona, and mexican food
If the bitch can't ride bust out the slide.
by Kris AKA Shorty Unc Unc August 25, 2004
after your done pounding a girl in the ass, you flip her over and start tittie fucking her.
joline didnt like the mississippi mudslide too much...
by proanti1 March 04, 2006

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