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A 'politically correct' term to describe a given locale's treatment of those of African-American descent. Often times, the term is used by an angry person with an axe to grind against people who they perceive to be 'the oppressors'. It should be noted that not all people of African-American descent need agree with the assessment in order for it to be used. Indeed, just one or two people need use this sensationalist term in the media in order to open old wounds and set race relations in the given locale back by years.
Man, I got passed over for a promotion again! That's proof that this entire city / state / province / town is the Mississippi of the North!

You don't agree with me that this place is the Mississippi of the North? That just proves you're a racist! Hell yeah, I know you're black, that don't matter!
by McMission Definition June 18, 2013
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