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the most delightful treat of the 3rd millenium. A true mud pie consists of a bottom layer of brownie, a middle layer of chocolate coffee-flavored ice cream, and on top is an ever so lite layer of vanilla cream. This tasty dessert is served with whip cream on the side and can be purchased at the always elegant BB King's restaurant in Times Square, New York City.
Golly that Mississippi Mud Pie was the most delicious dessert I have ever had the pleasure to taste!
by Vinny D1253 April 25, 2010
Taking a shit and flinging it at your partner from across the room while masturbating.

The band Puddle of Mudd derived their name from this move.
My girlfriend loves Mississippi Mud Pie's, because she can even get them when she's on her period.
by Dunlap12345 June 11, 2009
when a man or a women shits in their hand and throws it like a pie at their partners face
just after i got through shitting on larrys chest he gave me a mississippi mud pie!
by M!l3S October 05, 2010
when a group of 5 girls poo on a mans face
dude, jeremy got mississippi mud pie-d last night!
by dr.pecks October 10, 2010
A version of anal sex using chocolate ice cream as lubrication with a vibrator on the anus whilst performing oral sex with a bit of rimming for good measure.
"I just got Mississippi Mud Pied from my Girlfriend it was amazing"
by The Love Seal September 08, 2011
When you eat out a black persons asshole
In bed, I was giving a petite black women a mississippi mud pie and she farted in my mouth.
by Dan and Tim November 25, 2004
When someone releases excrement and penis ejaculate at the same time anywhere on the body.
Man, I laid a harsh Mississippi Mud Pie on her chest last night. It was so brutal!
by Buckmaster Flex March 14, 2008

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