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A division three private college where the athletes think they are God's gift to this earth and the closet party people still damn others to hell. One of the most hypocritical places that I have attended. Complete idiots run the entire school and only look for ways to add more rules and get rid of the imitation "frats and sororities" because they don't want upset their ultra rich ultra sheltered donators. The school has so many gay people trying to act straight that the girls begin dating the gay guys because lets face it they don't know any better and gay guys need a front to put on while they sneak around in hattiesburg going by a different name to get their fill of homosexuality. Probably the biggest money grubbing place ever even though its such a small bubble of suck people. This school has a had time with ROOT BEER.
"Oh my gosh I love Mississippi College! I'm in NT were so classy and we have the least amount of fat chicks! I can't wait to get shit faced tonight!"

"Dude you totally just hooked up with girl(meaning they just made out)...wait I thought you were in Shawreth?"

"Civitan bro were the best and everything...let's go sit in the caf and point out all the people we are better than. Good thing these people didn't know me from high school I was such a loser."

"I love being in Swannanoa we are God's only people that are going to heaven and those shawreth boys are just so nice so lets just talk shit about everybody else"
by JosephOdenwald November 08, 2011
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-A Christian University
-Full of Hypocrites
-A Bubble that contains you for 4 or more years of your life because they built a sucky law school in the ghetto.
-You can't have sex on campus so the students are forced to do it in cars which isn't any fun at all.
Roommate:"Will you hold my bible for a sec?"
Me:"As long as it doesn't burn me."
Every student that I see at the bars comes knocking on my door asking if I am saved.
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