A scale of how much you miss somebody. Zero/null/no missage is where you do not miss somebody, aka indifferent to their presence or hate the person. Loads/Masses/High missage is where you miss somebody a ridiculous amount, so much you think about them all the time, and wish they were with you.
Person 1: "How much do you miss Bel?"

Person 2: "Loads, I have heaps of missage"
by heapsmissage_90 November 29, 2010
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Missage is a couple of rings given by the caller to serve as a message/hint/clue to the called person. The called person expects the call and is not supposed to answer the call. It is popularly referred to as "giving a missed call". For eg, giving a missage so that the other party can store your number.

Missed call is a portmanteau of missed call and a message.
Rajath : Hey! I don't have your number.
You : Wait. I'll give you a missage.

Rajath : When are you coming to the party?
You : I'll be running late. I'll give you a missage when I reach there.
by rajathvsm April 24, 2010
The feeling you get when everything your heart beats for has suddenly abandoned you and you are left with a completely empty feeling that consumes every thought you can create. Your days are neverending and your breath is always short. Your fast faint heartbeats are only a reminder that there is more pain to come with each new day that arises. Every second of your time you spend racking you brain over where you went wrong, what you could have done different, why you always find yourself in these kinds of situations. Then as if nothing else is left and nothing else matters the miss factor starts to set in, slowly but surely it will devour every inch of your heart and you will lose yourself to that which you loved most. It is now that you have entered a new realm of despondency.
David: "hey man, I'm sorry about jessica"

Jason: "yea, the missage is pretty dumb"
by idkanymore February 22, 2009

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