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A pseudo-name of a Woman known in certain FemDom BDSM circles and the fetish world.

Her name derives from a nickname given to Her by her 8th grade Algebra teacher, and the name was later adopted as her 'scene name' and online moniker.

Her personality is like a diamond amongst rocks. Not only is she beautiful on the inside but also on the outside. She has stunning curves, beautiful cat-green eyes, and long shiny hair. She is the best Mistress a guy could ever want. To date her is comparable to heaven on earth!

If you find Miss Mafia, latch on for dear life.
She is a life-long friend, loyal to a fault, witty, creative, wicked smart and a bit of a sadist possessing a wickedly feral imagination.

Never let her go. Love her until the end.
She is guaranteed to always be full of surprises.
Damn! I wish I was collared and owned by Miss Mafia!

Miss Mafia is a MILF!

I wonder if Miss Mafia will spank my submissive ass later?

Are you going to Miss Mafia's fetish party tonight?
by Mistress Mafia November 23, 2011
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