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The identification of an individual in which maintains strong ties to symbols of pleasure that are often over used, abused, and/or taken to extreme ends preventing the nature of such symbols. Often associated with small groups of a common means of communications that is misinterperted as significant meaning to then be highjacked by larger or outside groups.

All so known as "running with it" or "meme extremes"
The royals of Britain have been known to drive groups to misophonia as others take their soars for tainting the original, or upheld, use
by taint in faint November 25, 2013
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The disorder in which a person experiences excessive anger towards those who smack their food or breathe too heavily.
Rachel: "Dude, what's wrong with Tori?"

Truett: "Oh nothing, Sarah is eating and Tori is having some misophonia trouble."
by Robert Down-On-Me Jr. July 09, 2012
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