Any failed man who has to blame feminism for all his many problems.
Bitter because feminists aren't the ugly hags his equally stupid father drummed into his head since he was a child (unwanted, of course)
Any listener to Rush Limbaugh, who seems to bash ANY woman who would never find them attractive. These dumb "misogynists" should look in the mirror before criticizing ANY woman.
by Vile_Sorry_Little_Bitch January 01, 2010
A man in a state of sexual frustration.
Why on earth was this definition previously deleted? Must everyone be so literal as to take offence?
by Killing Kittens March 18, 2005
sick men who get their ya yas from mind-fucking innocent women.
Some men really take everything their mothers did to them to the grave.
by been-there July 25, 2004
A modern day Nazi.

The only difference: Women are the Jews.

A misogynist/Nazi wants women/Jews to be locked in the kitchen and reduced to a cooking, cleaning vagina and womb.

You will find many misogynists / Nazis in the woman section on UD where they admit to wanting to eradicate women. Literally: "Cunts that deserve to be slammed and beaten. Should be eradicated."

Their enemy is feminism as it tries to protect the Jews/women from the Nazis/misogynists.
That is an actual excerpt from the woman section:

Misogynist: "A woman's only purpose is to serve men. She should do the cooking, cleaning and sucking. She is the useless stuff around a vagina."
by The Happy Humanist February 16, 2010
A person who hates, dislikes, mistrusts, or mistreats women.
He hated her so much, he married her. What a misogynist!
by trueblue6 November 29, 2011
Someone who can never fuck women, so they hate them.
Misogynist:WOMEN SUCK!
Me:No, you just can't fuck them, worthless male.
by tamtam27 October 24, 2010
The Happy Misogynist wrote:
"A man who thinks women are rational, intelligent human beings and expects them to act that way. Ken is a misogynist. He expects Barbie to pay for her half of dinner."

Well, given the fact that Barbie makes 75 Cents for every Dollar that Ken makes (even though she has the same student loan to repay, the same qualification and experience) Ken IS in fact a misogynist if he expects Barbie to pay for her dinner when he asked her out.
Also Ken expects Barbie to have a manicure, pedicure and a bikini wax twice a week. He expects her to be young and beautiful, so Barbie spends a shitload of money and time on anti-aging products, clothes and shoes.

Conclusion: Barbie's life is more expensive because she has to buy shit to please Ken and life up to his expectations. Plus she makes less money.

Therefore, Happy Misogynist, you are not only a misogynist but a person of inferior intelligence who cannot back up their ridiculous ill-founded opinions.

Good Day, Everyone.
If Ken asks Barbie out for a date, he pays gladly because he isn't a petty penny-pincher and because he understands the bitter reality of being a woman in a patriarchy. He is not a misogynist, but a humanist (= feminist). And Barbie will blow him for it.

Peace out.
by The Happy Humanist February 13, 2010

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