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The Girls special box
Taupin sucked soo much mish the other night
by Ryan D October 11, 2003
Short for "Intermission".
"Oh, the show's about to start- I'll see you at Mish".
by Duncan September 29, 2004
Jewish term, short for mishugina i.e. "crazy"
"Those mishugina goyim"

"Ahhh, you michiguna ..."
by Floating Log June 05, 2003
The ultimate word that can be used to describe every sort of emotion depending on inflection.
Most commonly used when feeling apathetic. Like meh.
(1) Want some popcorn?
(2) Mish.
(1) Stop that and answer!
(2) Mish.
(1) (Stomps off in anger)
by Sagent Bob June 02, 2003
is slang for homoo and cant spell faint properly the fob =D
omg your such a MISH
by RAYmondd December 02, 2007