The Girls special box
Taupin sucked soo much mish the other night
by Ryan D October 11, 2003
When a person is deformed or mishaped.
also a word to be shouted out with excitement.
Matthew Sables, you are Mish! wheeebbbb! MISHHH!
by DANNYMISH May 17, 2010
mish, short for commission. as in commission housing.
poor or ratty looking people,
or shoty, piece of crap items in general.
"eww, thats mish"

"look what she is wearing! mish!"

"my new torch broke! thats so mish!"
by Australian Babe June 26, 2009
Used to describe something annoying and unwanted.
Bob: How's your homework going?
Bill: Meh, it's a mish
Bob: Phaha tell me 'bout it!
by BillayBob March 21, 2010
to miss someone or something
i'm gonna mish you !!
by michi :) June 01, 2004
A word for gossip, coming from the Turkish verb tense "-miş" for
"I have some great mish for you - did you hear about Tekin and Sue?"
by gobblegobble2 November 30, 2011
See: Mission.
"Me and my homie's are going on a Vegas mish."
by Diego September 04, 2003
A wish for milk
I feel like i want some milk... I mish for milk!
by lolipop22 July 16, 2009

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