The Girls special box
Taupin sucked soo much mish the other night
by Ryan D October 11, 2003
a hybrid of wish, and miss
when u wish you could be with someone
and you miss them too
(talking to your girlfriend)
1. Ahhh i mish u!!
2. Aw i mish u too!
by atlgstauknowit January 10, 2011
A group of people walking around looking for something to do could be classed as them going on a mish .. Or a mission
Oreet mate? Fancy going on a mish tonight?
by Smurfie December 29, 2007
short for missions or well far to get to sum where.
oi i ain't walken to the other side of town thats mish.
by ken$ta August 20, 2006
When a person is deformed or mishaped.
also a word to be shouted out with excitement.
Matthew Sables, you are Mish! wheeebbbb! MISHHH!
by DANNYMISH May 17, 2010
mish, short for commission. as in commission housing.
poor or ratty looking people,
or shoty, piece of crap items in general.
"eww, thats mish"

"look what she is wearing! mish!"

"my new torch broke! thats so mish!"
by Australian Babe June 26, 2009
to mish somewhere is to walk somewhere that is going to take lots of effort, but you will dawdle there.
'when i have finished here i will mish over to yours'
by ewgvwg March 25, 2006
nickname for Michelle
Mish got a big ol' boooty
by Michelle November 26, 2003

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