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Basically, an individual. In the school social classes of today, a misfit doesn't fit into any one quite right, not even the outcasts, but may have qualities of each one. True misfits usually do not believe they are emo or goth, and they are usually introverts. Misfits tend to follow their own beliefs, and are usually persecuted for it. Misfits tend to be hated for no reason, have few good friends, and are usually intelligent and mature, and sometimes sort of insane and depressed. Misfits tend not to care about their bad social lives, but some do.
That quiet, depressed girl over there is a misfit.
by Zach Dorsett October 04, 2005
An awesome horror-punk band from the late 70's through the 80's.

They should be judges as three bands,
A) Misfits with Danzig. The original Misfits with your classic raw edge to them (in my personal opinion the better).

B) Misfits with Graves. Reformed in the 90's. They have a more polished and rock sound to it. A decent band, but they're no Misfits.


C) Project 1950. Jerry only, Marky Ramone, and ... ... ... the guitarist from Black Flag who's name escapes me and i'm too lazy to look it up. This came around in the late late 90's to early 00's. From what i've heard by them, which is not much, they have the punk sound back to them, but with Jerry Only on vocals, it's some how not the same. A really good band, but still, not the original Misfits.
All three Misfits are good bands, but should be seen as three different bands.
by 2tone army June 14, 2004
A British television show that recently aired in November 2009 on e4.
Five young adults who are doing community service when a storm happens, all get struck by lightning and end up with a special power.

Kelly- Can hear what others are thinking; Telepathic

Curtis- Can Rewind time

Alisha- Can send people into a sexual frenzy when they touch her skin

Simon- Can make himself invisible,

Nathan- Left unaffected after the storm, though he is revealed to possess the power of immortality in the sixth episode.
Michelle: The misfits is so good! I recently watched the whole first season and I LOVE it.

Sam: me too! though kelly is such a chav.
by Don't hate cause i'm american. January 15, 2010
Incredibly good horror-punk band from late 70s - early 80s who for some reason re-formed in the 90s with out Danzig !! stupid idea
"the Misfits were good when Danzig was front-man"
by Foyf January 28, 2003
One of the best bands ever. Whoever made that pronunciation should be slowly tortured to death. FUCK YOU.
"I want your skull....I need your skull...."
by petthekitty October 30, 2003
The greatest band on the face of this island earth. Its THE misfits, not just misfits. Graves, Danzig, Cadena...whoever the fuck is singing for them now, they still are the best. And no, they do not abuse steroids stupid. see also 138.
too much horror business, driving late at night Psycho '78! 12 o'clock and don't be late
you don't goooooo in the baaathroom with me
i'll put a knife right in you, im warning you!
by weARE138 April 22, 2004
Something or someone who 1) does not fit conventional norms 2) behaves in such a manner and holds different takes on life which sets them apart from everyone else.
Rianne: I feel so out of place in this world
Brad: why?
Rianne: because i view things differently
Brad: yeah - youre a misfit. now go away
by misfitted August 01, 2010
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