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A Homo sapien that realizes that humanity is a worthless conglomeration of parasites feeding off the suffering of the other organism. The hate of humans as a species but not as individuals.
You might be a misanthropist if you watch movies and the part you enjoy the most is the part of the movies in which all the humans die terrible deaths. Or you might be a satanist; just saying.
by thefatelfthathatesfatpeople February 15, 2012
A reluctantly human being with an IQ of over 130.
"Only two things are Infinite: the Universe, and the peoples stupidity. And Im not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein

"Wow, do you reckon all geniuses are misanthropists?
by Mr. Hatter June 14, 2011
A hominid like creature that is often mistaken for a homo sapien, but the defining feature of the misanthropist is their hatred or mistrust of mankind.

Antonyms: philanthropist, optimist
If you haven't figured out that I hate your slimey fucking guts you're a fucking retard and it's amazing you can read.
by deathjr November 27, 2003
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