Misanthrope (noun) is a hater of humankind.
Justin Rodgers is the biggest misanthrope I've ever met!
by NcHillbilly11 April 08, 2013
A bigot who does not discriminate.
First voice: A bigot that don't discriminate?? Well, then he ain't no bigot is he?
Second voice (same person, different personality): Indeed not. He is, in fact, a misanthrope. An enjoyable paradox, n'est-ce pas?
by Pbaddy September 21, 2010
A Misanthrope is someone who hates the human race.

Most misanthropes are self-pitying children/adolescents who think that being misanthropic makes them "deep", "meaningful", intelligent and/or notable. They are sadly mistaken.
"Depressed" Teenager: "Man, I hate the human race string of swear words, I'm just so much better than everyone because everyone else is stupid and doesnt understand me or my views, yo string of swear words, I am such a misanthrope, yo"
by SOKFHES8584 September 23, 2006
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