a really sxc gal
I'm going out wit da hottest chick 'round, shes called mirella <Rel>
by KiLLa_WoG_69 September 11, 2003
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A very sensitive, caring, smart, cute girl. She is very sweet, but be careful, she does have evil thoughts. Someone you can often confide with. She is dedicated, and when she wants something done, she'll do it no matter what. can be very lazy, a bit shy at first, but is very wild.
She's so kind! She must be a Mirella!
by Shethappens February 10, 2012
i LuV hEr LoTz!!!
ShEs RaUnChY rEl!!! MwAz LuV u Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH !!!
by me rel a September 12, 2003
sxc beast sxc sxc sxc girl who nos how 2 party n i no i luv her n i no a lot of ppl who luv her mwa mwa
shes xtremely sxc
by WiLLy September 11, 2003
Shes a sxc beast !!!

AnD eVeRy 1 LuVz HeR lOtZ mWa MwA
WeLL lOtZ of PpL wAnT 2 dO hEr !!!
by WiLLy September 11, 2003
sexc gurl who i luv heeps (L)
by ~nik~ September 13, 2003

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