cute, charming, sexy, very attractive girl
someone that everyone wishes they could date
damn, did you see that girl?
yeah, what a total mirela!!
by Matt Mcilrath January 15, 2009
Top Definition
n A person who is caring, smart, and isn't afraid to speak her mind when the time is appropriate.
Look at her trying to fight for equality she is so Mirela.
by RapturinBabies March 10, 2012
a girl who cries when she loses trivia crack
wow what a mirela
by gestalt_zero May 01, 2015
n A mirela is a person who is modern hippie, including vegetarianism and listening to old classic rock (not the good kind). Also this person is very much into drugs, mostly marijuana
Hey that chick is so wack. She is such a mirela
by Mr. Awesomeland April 14, 2007
A promiscuous bosnian girl. Usually a porn star that loves to flirt with guys constantly.
OMG Becky! Did you see that girl the other day hanging out with Jon? She is a total Mirela.
by Frosted18 December 05, 2008

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