A possum-like creature from Poland. It's habits are... per much, AP Bio and cross country. Whats if he bites you? Well, then you need a Mirek shot. Mirek is also the key element in the ever popular sport, Rattetball. Mirek will gladly pleasure you, just ask.
Lets head on down to the rattetball field! The mirek is already there!

by Matty Mirek July 07, 2011
Top Definition
Polish, Communist, deadly, armed and Russian - this guy is not one to mess with! Hangs out at the fez alone, visits games workshop every day, commits at least one murder every week as an act of spiritual renewal.
Miiiiiiiiiiiirek? Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirek?!! Dinner's ready!

Stop swearing at those politicians, you Mirek.

You're such a Mirek! Did you have to go and be sick in my toilet? What a Mirek.
by marcos April 07, 2005

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