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*Perfect in every way
*loves to laugh
*nicest girl ever
*super sweet
*great singer
*is most likely to be famous
*most likely from texas
*loves nature
*great kisser
*cares for others
*best friend ever!
*Best Match for a Keegan
If you find a Miranda snatch her up fast, especially if your name is Keegan and you are a boy.
by Hickary667897 April 25, 2013
A fake ass bitch that always wears to much make up , and steels all the guys hearts because shes skinny!, Even tho if they looked hard enuff they would see what she really looks like under all her make up.! Come on guys look harder!!!
by Anonimuusss November 09, 2010
A short girl that likes to play soccer. Can be a whore sometimes, and likes to laugh.
"That girl is such a Miranda."
by Yugh April 07, 2009
Slang for Boobs
'God, put your Miranda's away!'
'Look at the Miranda's on her!'
by Ijustkissedyourdadagain December 31, 2008
young, hip, hot, teenage girl.
from oklahoma!
later homes.
miranda is fyne!
by mirandaranda reynolds August 01, 2008
a person who knocks out the windsheild with their forehead and pees her pants
wow that was totally miranda!
by kenzoe January 30, 2007
a skank that thinks she is tough but when she isnt by her boyfriend she acts chill. she has greasy red hair. noone likes her except a chink and a pig. dont be friends with a whore like this one. prep when her boyfriend isnt around. and skater and punk when he is. two faced much?
oh that miranda is discusting.
by gooooooodlover June 22, 2009
A girl who is diamond on the outside, but coal on the inside. She is pretty, smart, funny, exotic. She's got it all. Unless you look at the fact that she does drugs, drinks, has a new bf or gf every other week and hates to be wrong so much she throws away any friend who can prove that's she's wrong, even if they're just trying to help. Watch out...
"Watch Out... She's a Miranda..."
by Not your Babe August 28, 2014