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*Perfect in every way
*loves to laugh
*nicest girl ever
*super sweet
*great singer
*is most likely to be famous
*most likely from texas
*loves nature
*great kisser
*cares for others
*best friend ever!
*Best Match for a Keegan
If you find a Miranda snatch her up fast, especially if your name is Keegan and you are a boy.
by Hickary667897 April 25, 2013
A girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and the best smile you can ever find. She is always laughing, and telling a joke. Is very sarcastic and athletic. She loves horses, and animals. Sometimes comes off as a huge nerd only because she has a ton of life goals, and wants to go places in life.

Most Miranda's are very fast with guys. They are athletic and do non contact sports like swim, surfing, track ,x-country, and horseback riding. They are always smiling. Come off as studious people. Don't like drama. California dimes. They typically have brown or blonde hair (some dye it red) and blue eyes. Miranda's are drop dead beautiful. They tend to not be in the popular crowd because they are independent and know who they are and don't follow people around in life. These girls move to their own path and if you ever meet some like i have you'll never want to leave.
by stoll-ur-<3 September 29, 2012
excessive ginger pubage

derives from a scene between miranda hobbes and samantha jones in the sex and the city movie
1. girl, you need to check your swimsuit; your mirandas are creepin out

2. dude, that girl i hooked up with last night had a serious miranda situation
by RACHELSMIF August 16, 2009
A crazy ass psycho chick! But damn her body, and especially her ass, is so nice that you stick with her anyway!
Bob: Damn Jeff why you stick with that crazy ass psycho Miranda?

Jeff: She is crazy man but have you seen that ass?
by the one addicted to her ass June 02, 2012
A girl who is funny, but can sometimes be violent towards her friends. She is a cool person, but take caution. She can keep a secret, and is a pretty good friend. She is pretty too. But be warned, when encountering a Miranda, be her friend, but keep a lookout.
Wow, you're acting like a Miranda!
Will you stop acting like a Miranda!
by teddylove8 July 07, 2011
annoying, self- centered, lazy, stupid, know it all, "self taught wine expert", beached whale, oompa-loompa, make up wearing wannabe whore, hobbit, fake
Don't be a Miranda.
by superbigboy March 16, 2013
short for Miranda v. Arizona, the court case that produced the policy in the US of informing criminal suspects of their "Miranda rights".
Miranda says that you have to read the suspect his rights.
by Quint Sakugarne January 06, 2007