*Perfect in every way
*loves to laugh
*nicest girl ever
*super sweet
*great singer
*is most likely to be famous
*most likely from texas
*loves nature
*great kisser
*cares for others
*best friend ever!
*Best Match for a Keegan
If you find a Miranda snatch her up fast, especially if your name is Keegan and you are a boy.
#keegan #miranda #names #match #cool
by Hickary667897 April 25, 2013
An amazing girl who anyone would be lucky to have as a friend! She is always freakishly hot and incredibly nice, she is a good person to have a laugh with and has a wonderful sense of humour. Miranda is athletic, intelligent, sweet and talented, she is officially the most lovely, beautiful, perfect girl on the planet!
Wow did you see that girl over there? yeah, she's such a Miranda.
#amazing #incredible #intelligent #sweet #beautiful
by <3:)<3:)<3:)<3 June 28, 2011
A Miranda is a nice, Loving, Funny, talented, sweet, out-going girl that you would die to be best friends with. A Miranda loves to play video games (Like zelda.) Miranda's usually have blue eyes brown hair. They are beautiful and nice. A Miranda will help you with any problem. Miranda's are always there for you. She can be an idiot with you and not care what people think. Everyone loves a Miranda, A Miranda will love your family a lot.A Miranda is a perfect girlfriend a guy would die to have her as a girlfriend. A Miranda wouldnt want you ll to herself she respects your relationship with your friends. A Miranda loves to look at the stars and listen to music. A Miranda is an amazing cook too.
Casey: "Hey 2 girls are dancing in walmart."
Jack: "That must be Miranda and Kate."
#cool #funny #weird #outgoing #nice
by TheCoolestChickAround August 06, 2012
1: a bad ass mom, beautiful inside and out. Puts off a hard exterior but is soft on the inside. Kind hearted,loving,breath taking. She is normaly very sweet but can fight if pushed. A great friend.
Miranda is one bad ass mom that won't take any shit from anyone except from me
#maranda #meranda #mirana #mirenda #marenda
by ArmyHit November 09, 2010
An amazing, beautiful girl that anyone is extremely lucky to have as a friend, or a girlfriend. Mirandas usually have blonde/strawberry blonde hair and are very smart- especially with science and math. Mirandas are great leaders and are more than willing to help people out. They may seem bubbly and happy most of the time, but they struggle just like everyone else. Therefore, a Miranda will need someone who is a good listener. Mirandas are very stubborn, which is a good thing because they can achieve anything they set their mind to!
Ryan: Dude, I just dumped Miranda because she spends too much time doing homework. Where are her priorities?

Jack: Well, you really missed out, because I'm dating her now and she's one hell of a good catch!

Ryan: *sulks and crosses arms*
#miranda #stubborn #maranda #myranda #meranda
by mushroomlover February 20, 2013
Miranda is a very elegant lady. She is a charmer. She can sometimes get jealous of the people around her. She always has a ton of friends around her and she is always loved. Of how people show it, they don't love her, but deep down, a lot of people have crushes on her. 1 boyfriend after the next, she is hardly ever single, well in her mind anyway. Miranda is very complicated, but in my words, she is amazing.
Boy: Damn! Did you see Miranda today? Man she is looking mighty fine!

Other boy: i know! i would really like to date her! i think that imma go wheel her!
#wheels #miranda #amazing #boyfriend #complicated
by Lets stop a make you feel good October 23, 2011
The most beautiful, caring, talented, unique girl in the world. She will support you no matter what. She cares for others more than she tends to care for herself. She may lack self-esteem often. She will make an amazing friend. She may keep secrets from you but you must trust her if she says they are personal because she may just be trying to protect you. An outstanding lover who will make a great life partner and will have undying love for you. She is one of the best lovers when making love. Also linked to a famous bloodline of vampires, witches, and possibly mermaids. There is a possibility she is linked to the supernatural Emma and Miranda bond.
Miranda is so beautiful inside and out, I wish she could she that.
#sweet #funny #understanding #talented #beautiful
by UnknownFacts August 15, 2013
A weird, yet fun girl that seems to always be full of energy. She loves to make others laugh and smile, and has a fondness of animals, especially cats. She is a fast runner, but horrible at playing sports. Mirandas are also talented singers and artists, they love to draw animals. They are often quite talkative and talk really fast! They do not have tons of friends, but have a few great best friends who they can relate to perfectly. Though they may first seem to be quite feminine, they are tomboys at heart and love the outdoors. They also like to stand out of the crowd, but at the same time, are very insecure about their looks. Usually, they have dirty-blonde hair, but wish to color it red.
That girl is such a Miranda.
#miranda #weird #funny #tomboy #talented
by Hugworthy February 24, 2012
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