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*Perfect in every way
*loves to laugh
*nicest girl ever
*super sweet
*great singer
*is most likely to be famous
*most likely from texas
*loves nature
*great kisser
*cares for others
*best friend ever!
*Best Match for a Keegan
If you find a Miranda snatch her up fast, especially if your name is Keegan and you are a boy.
by AmericanEskimo April 25, 2013
7 0
The most amazing girl a guy could ever ask for. She has the perfect smile, the most amazing personality, she's fun, energetic, and all around the perfect girlfriend. She's gorgeous, with beautiful eyes, and a SMOKING HOT body. If you ever get so lucky to date a Miranda, you better never let her go because i definatley wont(: -p.g.
Dude i just spent the whole day with Miranda and it was the greatest day of my life.
by pwnza1 July 31, 2011
83 36
An amazing person who is always there for you. She's funny, smart, and incredible no matter what.
Miranda, you are just so AMAZING!
by Sabber February 16, 2011
73 29
A super hot girl who is fun and full of energy. She gets all the guys attention and makes other girls jealous a lot.
Miranda:Hey _____!
Blank: You are a wanna be!
Miranda:How am i a wanna be?! im just a nice person who hangs out with the losers and you are just jealous cause i get all the guys.
Blank: O_O
by mimi108rocks April 07, 2010
95 51
This name means admirable in Latin. Miranda's are very friendly. She can be extremely funny, out-going, sweet, out-doorsy, stylish, and gorgeous all at the same time. A Miranda cares deeply for others. She is a thoughtful friend. She does have a temper, and is impatient. Also, Miranda's are determined and often called "stubborn". She can fit into many roles in life, but is happiest when with her true friends.
I made a new friend!!
-Really? Who?
-I'm jealous.
by PeoplePerson22 July 25, 2011
56 13
An alcoholic beverage, similar to a margarita
Waiter: Can I get you something?
Customer: Yes, a Miranda please.
by Circe Incendium June 26, 2006
307 268
Miranda is a very beautiful girl. She had wonderful blue eyes and long hair. Any guy would be very lucky to have her. She finds happiness in many things, but can get sad over simple things. Sometimes Miranda can have anger problems. She loves animals, especially cats. She also loves the outdoors, but at the same time, loves malls and shopping. She is nice, caring, and a great friend. Miranda's are lovable in every way, and flirty.

If you're a guy and have a Miranda, you're the luckiest man in the world, don't ever let her go.
Charlie: Wow, you're dating Miranda, right?
Greg: Yup, I'm the luckiest guy in the world. She's amazing and perfect.
Charlie: Mann, I wish i had a Miranda.
by kenmore1234 January 08, 2011
55 22
sexiest, sweetest and nicest girl in the universe. If you see a Miranda, go after her. She's one hell of a good catch.
My friend: You should get a girlfriend.
Me: i should. I'll get a Miranda, and maybe a Heather if i dont succeed.
by leqwertyu April 14, 2011
49 17