The illusion , or delusion, that Nikki Minaj is a talented artist.
"Yo turn it up this is that new jam from Nikki."

"You need help for that Miraj you suffering from this beat was produced by a computer and sang by a skeet stain."
by The real Pido September 01, 2012
Top Definition
That one friend you pick out from the others and just can't describe.
Henry: "So hows that kid you met from camp like?"
Greg: " I guess he was just a Miraj.
by Trueplaya96 July 29, 2010
One who is gorgeous pretty beautiful sexy One who you would lick nibble flirt with
have sexual relations with *Fuck especially*

Like the mirage in the desert. The girl you can only see in your dreams.
Dream Girl a "miraj"
by 12859230 March 26, 2009
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