Impossible for many to pronounce this name.
French: Mireille
American: Mirrraae
British: Myrae

Noun: The kindest, most loving, amazing, beautiful, cutie and daydreamer ever.

Need there be a mention that she is an excellent dancer.
Who is that owning the dancefloor?
-That'll be Mirae.
by lattelatte May 31, 2011
Top Definition
Originally a Korean name.
it means: future, beauty and fortune.
Only very gorgeous and cool people have this exotic name.
Many people find it hard to pronounce.
hey mary !

uh, it's actually mirae..
by screemimi February 06, 2010
I know exactly one person with this name..she's beautiful just like the name.
-it originates from Korea

- it means something like "beautiful future"

so gorgeous.
Mirae. Is. Breath-taking...literally..
by roar of new zealand September 09, 2010
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