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High school in Manhattan Beach, CA where you are abnormal if your mommy and daddy don't buy you a car when you're 14, even though you can't drive it. You finally get your license at 19, and in your first year you kill a person walking down Peck Ave. Also where test scores are very good, but everyone is on drugs. The upside is it is super easy to get some buddah or X, whatever you want. Basically, it's a school where social status means a lot, otherwise you will end up eating lunch with the Mexicans in the cafeteria. Also, everyone's mom is a milf, so more than likely you will get a chance to fuck one of ur friend's moms, or at least see a nipple.
Person 1: So, where'd you go to high school?

Person 2: Mira Costa.

Person 3: Oh shit, you have any bud on you?

Person 2: Naw, I quit cuz my dad said if I don't get my shit together he'll cut me off. I would have to move back to our mansion and get a job, instead of stay at the beach house.

Person 1: I knew you were rich, ur kind of an asshole, too.

Person 2: yeah I get that a lot. That's why I don't tell people where I went to high school.
by DoesWayneBradyHaveToChokeABich January 04, 2010
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