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American slang, from American sub-culture, Ebonics, criptch

1: American Currency ($) any denomination, Money, cash, dollars.

Minz is money. Minz derives from the slang of Criptch. The scale that describes ones money is as such; Minz is yo money , a thousand is a mitten, a muffin is a million, and if you stuffin a biscuit then you got a billion.
1. " Yo dawg, i got your product homie, now wear my minz at bitch!"

2. " I don't think im going to be able to roll with you to the Mega Mix showdown cuz i aint got no minz son."

3."you got the minz ?"
"yea i got the minz,strait rollin wit a mittin!"
by dj kmo April 17, 2009
To minz is to drink a pint out of several glasses stacked up on one another, the drink being in the top glass. Like when bar staff collect them in a pile, this is best done with plastic pint glasses as they fit perfectly together and it's possible to drink from over 50 glasses.
I think I am going to minz tonight.

Look at him minzing.
by dprMONKEY March 28, 2008

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