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Noun: Minho, the lead rapper of SHINee when he's beeing all touchy with others.

Min is short for Minho.

This boy used be shy as hell. But since he said goodbye to puberty the hormones started to rage through his veins.

Because wether your a celeb or not, wether your a groupmember or not, you will not escape from his unnecessary interaction, lustfully stares and touching.

People usually call his actions hyungwhoring and refer him to as a hyungwhore. Hyung is the korean word for 'male'.
At a (basketball) game, Minho would spontaneously hug his opponent.

Fan 1: 'Why is he hugging the opponent? The games hasn't even ended yet'
Fan 2: 'Minwhore
Fan 1: 'What?'
Fan 3: '*sigh* He's Minwhoring as usual'
Fan 1: >.<
by Sun Kissed March 03, 2012

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