Minnetonka high school was founded in 1952 and quickly became the best Minneapolis suburb public school. We are skippers; smart, kind, innovative, polite, popular, excellent, and sophisticated. Not only do we have a coffee shop in our school, we also bought iPads for students and teachers. Plus we have the best theatre in the area. So Edina can suck it and stuff their faces with cake....cake eaters.
Edina may have cake but we have the lake!

Minnetonka High school is superior to all; Potkins, E.D.I.N.A., and the Trojans
by RaggedyAnn October 14, 2012
Top Definition
A very prestigious high school that has focused students that love their drinking and sex every weekend.
I went to Minnetonka high school.
by Dancingswan June 23, 2011
A dumb school full of stupid preps.
Minnetonka High School's for queers.
by pimpundapressure October 12, 2011
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