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A very good football team who usually play well in the regular season, but CHOKE when it comes to a Super Bowl.
Did you hear the Minnesota Vikings won the Division?

ya but wait till the playoffs
by kyweaver February 13, 2010
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A team in the National Football League (NFL) whose idea of a successful season is not choking during the last 5 weeks and missing the playoffs. Unlike other teams, they know they will never win a Super Bowl and once they make the playoffs, that's pretty much it.
Here it is, the season's on the line. Two receivers left and right. McCown, takes the snap, he steps up, he's all by himself...FIRES INTO THE ENDZONE. CAAAUGHT!! TOUCHDOWN!!! NOOOO!!! NOOOO!!! THE CARDINALS HAVE KNOCKED THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS!!!!
by Big Johnny D. January 23, 2006
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The greatest nfl team ever. They should be making the superbowl every year but are being held back by their fuckwit coach Brad Childress.
Guy#1, "Who won in the nfl this weeekend?"
Guy#2, "The Minnesota Vikings beat Detroit"
Guy#1, "That goes without saying, the Vikings rock!!!"
by woody#1 March 01, 2009
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1. God-awful team that is destined to fail in every season and manages to screw up their chances of a superbowl spot. Lead by a fuckcheese known as brad childress. Don't know the meaning of the term "talent"!
2. can be used to describe how utterly shit something is.
1. "Did you hear that the vikings failed to get to the playoffs?"
"Sure. it's the vikings. they do it every year!"
2. "Dude. that's as bad as the minnesota vikings!"
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will be one of the best teams in the NFC in '05 with their highly improved defense and all the ballers they already have like nate burleson
the vikes did the right thing by getting rid of moss
by TOB fo eva March 13, 2005
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Vikings are justa good team that usually has alotta off the field problems but that should all change with Big Bad Brad Childress coaching now. Former Offensive Coordinator for the Eagles who has a no-nonsense attitude now after figuring out how bad character can fuck up a whol teams chemistry (T.O in Philly) So he booted Culpepper for talkin shit, KRob for driving drunk, and sat Dwight Smith down one game over one lil misdeamoner in a public stairwell. he has only been here since the July. Childress obviosly dont play, hes here to win games.

The Minnesota Vikings will win the NFC north division title within one of the following the NFL seasons. Bet Money.
by I bleed purple September 15, 2006
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