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A kick-ass state that can beat any other state in the US
We have the biggest mall in America (aka Mall OF America), suck it NY shopping
FYI that mall also has a rockin amusement park
Spoon and Cherry... look it up
Named the best state to live in (legit)
Also has the top-rated city in the US to live in (Eden Prairie)
Ice fishing, skating, sledding, regular fishing, tubing, boating, golfing, other sports, camping, hunting, and shopping are just a FEW of the amazing things you can do in this state
Where do you live?

The best place ever!!

Oh, you're from Minnesota!
by Mr.Brestler February 27, 2011
one of the best places to live, theres nice people and a lot of fun stuff to do idk what this little bitch ass hernando is talking about, its not all fields there are big cities and we're rich bitch! and we dont talk fuckin retarded. his bummy ass couldnt handle minnesota and the winter, he would freez in the negative degrees weather we have, while id be outside playin basketball in shorts and a t-shirt
the city of maple groove, minnesota is getting their own football stadium for their high school
by brk! January 14, 2011
A Liberal Midwest state.
Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 lakes, liberals, and Lutherans
by Neshek46 February 07, 2009
10,000 Lakes and 10,000,000,000 Mosquitos. There are more Houses on Water Fronts then compared to Hawaii,California,Florida and Alaska and any other state that borders water....
Minnesota what more is there to say! For 6 to 7 months out of the year its WINTER. Where we use salt to melt snow, Use anti freezing liquid so our GAS doesnt freeze and some people have to plug there cars in to electrical outlet not to charge the car but to keep from letting the oil freeze cause yes OIL can freeze GASOLINE can also freeze.WEIRD!!!
by Big Bear May 06, 2006
New Sweden
Minnesota is the American equivalent of Sweden
by TheMinnesotan December 30, 2013
The entire damn continent of North America all crammed into 86,939 square miles. With our heat, cold and everything in between, you can't beat the state of Minnesota.
We've got the intense 90°F and 100°F heat and humidity of Southern Mexico and the frigid -30°F and -40°F cold of Northen Canada. Oh, and Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined with approximately 90,000 miles.
by Mini Soda March 23, 2014
A place that used to actually get cold and snowy 15 years ago. A place that lives off of memories of its hardy past but now shares much of its culture with the other square states. Walk into any shields sporting goods store today and it is a small arms stockpile. Not good... glad to have lived there during the golden years. Young men pretending to be the main charicter on thier war video game. Young redneck women with camo hats and fake boobs. Glad you all hate Califonia... Never come here!
Minnesota: I've been to Chicago... sure, I'll just have a beer...

Oh shit another DUI!
by F U ALL September 23, 2013