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The most horrible thing ever. Worse than genocide, fat people and ex-in-laws COMBINED. Words fail to accurately define the horribleness of a Minnesota Mauler. It is so bad, even John Stamos and Chuck Norris quiver at the notion of a Minnesota Mauler. Not surprisingly, liberals usually want to negotiate with a Minnesota Mauler.
John Stamos: Wow - look at the size of that Minnesota Mauler!
Liberal: Hello Minnesota Mauler - what a lovely day! Why don't we discuss our differences in a non-threatening and politically correct sort of way...I'm sure we can find common ground!
Chuck Norris: No way man - I'm outta here!
Liberal: There's no need for panic...I'm sure that if we just respect the maulers boundaries the mauler will respect...aaaarrrggghhhh...Mauler - no!!! No!! Stop that!! Minnesota Mauler...noooooooooooooo..........
by mrm5593 September 26, 2006
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