Minneapolis aint nothin but a unknown ghetto.
Only reason people dont think its ghetto cause aint no rappers come from up outta there. Same thing wit Tenessee, Memphis, Houston, New Orleans, all that shit. Erybody thought that it was all cowboys and cactuses in Texas until Chopped N Screwd music got popular and put it on the map. No one thought Nashville Teneseee was anythign but the home of country music till Young Buck did his lil thang and put it on the Map. Its the same thing with Minneapolis, everyone just assumes its soft cause aint nobody really came out and represented. It aint on the map cause aint nobody put it there. Plain and simple..

Minneapolis was one of the worse cities in America back in 95 when it was known as Murderapolis and since then it has been relatively quiet and peaceful, but since like the summer of 04 crime rate and homicide rate and all that shit has been going wayyy up.

Only thing about it is that they got the worse cops in America too. Toughest, biggest and highest employed gang-units in America. They doin that CODEFOUR crime-stoppin thing up there and thats some shit that most cities aint even gotta deal wit, i dunno even know if LAPD got they shit all like that.

Its pretty crazy up there cause on one hand you have one of the most dangerous cities in America (Top10 at least) and on the other hand you have one of the toughest Law Enforcement companies up there too (like Top5 prolly) so theres justa whole lotta violence goin on up there.

You people that aint been there dont know shit, so dont talk about it. But im pretty sure you could google search Murderapolis and getta whole lotta stats and figures on how it is actually ghetto up there not jus some fluff ass city like St. Paul.
Minneapolis Minnesota, unknown ghetto.
by I Know What Im Talkin About September 15, 2006
A nice city of Minnesota. It's glamor years were in the 60's with the Mary Tyler Moore Show and big industry. Today, 700,000 people live there. 10% of Minneapolis Residents are also Chicago Residents, but they screw both states and collect their welfare. 15% of Minneapolis Residents are white kids trying to be "black". 50% of the residents are immigrants. Can't complain about them, cause they are dumb white trash trying to be "black" and they work their ass off trying to make a living. The rest of the residents are average, middle class residents. 95% of Minneapolis Residents cannot drive slow enough (Constrast to the 99% of Saint Paul Residents who drive too damn slow). Minneapolis has an elaborate skyline, surrounded by ugly-ass sculpture parks created by liberals and hippies. Overall, Minneapolis is a nice city. Just don't be in the North Side without a gun, or you will get shot (usually by those white kids trying to be "black"). (PS- We regret ever voting for Jessie Ventura!)
I went to Minneapolis to watch the Vikings play, but I got shot at by those white kids trying to be "black", you betcha.
by kewlmanme123 March 17, 2005
Ghetto as hell...that all i gatta say..'GHETTO'
Britney Thinks she ghetto cuz she lived in minneapolis since she was two!

Someone Bitchin out britney about being ghetto: Dont try and act like your all Ghetto!

Britney: I AM GHETTO! i lived in minneapolis!
by Shay March 16, 2005
Where Prince used to live. He can't even stand it there anymore since it's become the so-called "cultural capital" of the Great Midwest. Snooty and white, half the population likes to think that it is of Scandinavian heritage and likes to speak in faux "Minnesota Accents." Used to call itself "The Minneapple" as if it were even remotely on the same scale as NYC. Traffic jams galore, high taxes, losing sports teams, Minneapolis has nothing to offer. St. Paul, although plagued with its own problems, is still a more down to earth and better place to live and work.
This place sucks. I'm moving back to Iowa
by Cheddarhead July 06, 2005
1. a dumb city in a dumb state that nobady cares about.
2. a place that people think is ghetto cuz they might see black people walking around.
3. a city with no nightlife with the exception of a few bars full of 19 yo skanks
4. worse than chicago by far, detroit, st louis, millwaukee and every other city in the midwest.
5. a downtown with two important aves hennepin and first, everything else is dead.
6. about 75% of the city is actually suburban.
7. The coldest metro area in the continental us, by mean temperature
8. cops are nice compared to other cities (NYPD, LAPD)
9. people drive like idiots and gridlock
10. so cold and snowy that they made skyways to walk around
11. terrible public transportation one train that goes to the mall and back
12. residents who think they live in the best city ever and walk around with 612 hats
13. Once you leave the outskirts of the city all of a sudden you are in the middle of nowhere for the next million miles
MN person: Minneapolis is the shit!!!!
Me: yea cuz u grew up on a farm u fool.

MN: MPLS is much better than detroit or chicago!
me: have you ever left this worthless state?
by AlexAitch October 29, 2007
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