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1. An injury caused to your vagina, either by sex or due to trauma.

2. Or an injury caused by sex.
1. Example of injury (minury) caused by sex such as ripping or bruising. By trauma: for example whacking your fanny against the corner of a table.

2. An injury (minjury) caused by sex, could include bruised thighs etc
by BlueBelle2662 March 14, 2009
noun ( pl. -ries)
an instance of a women's snapper being compromised during an act of sex : |

ORIGIN late English : from Anglo-Norman French minjurie, from Latin minjuria.
you've gimme a minjury! | informal : suffer physical harm or damage to ones puh-seh.
by Up There January 26, 2008
1.when a female can't take part in an activity because of period pains

2. an injury sustained during a sexual activity
1. are you doing PE today? no, i have a minjury.

2. what happened your finger? dude i minjured it.
by DJRG April 14, 2011
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