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A peasant or servant.
Foolish minion bow down to me.
by Brother Number One March 30, 2004
32 197
1) fraNk - user of operator/character Minion.
2) well known as the elite player of both the games CyberMyst and Tharsis Gate.
"Hey, has anyone seen Minion?"

Minion sneak quietly around behind you, and prepares to backstab you. Minion slides up to you and impales you on his tainted knife. Hp: -1 You die.
by GW Bush69 May 01, 2005
501 194
1. Small yellow beings as seen in Despicable Me, who talk in a language similar to Spanish and wear blue dungarees, with names such as Dave, Stewart and Kevin
2. Person with a height unnaturally below the average for their age/weight, who may or may not be evil (see 'evil minion')
1. Person 1 (watching despicable me)- aww look at that little minion!

Person 2: Yeah, his name's Dave.

2. Person 1: Omg, you're so small!

Person 2: Yeah, you're a minion!
by A. Girl May 18, 2013
68 58
An evil sidekick or servant
Lets go my minion or minions away!!!
by Jackie October 13, 2004
331 320
A name used by Elite players of the pc gaming community, they have the ability to claim the top of the score board as their home
Man that guy was on destroying us that game, what was his name? Minion.
by Joexx February 10, 2010
93 94
Minions like to eat bananas and are very friendly. They can be found in their natural habitat on Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Not only are they cute, but they are extremely nice to cuddle with. My roommate has a life size minion hanging from her ceiling in her bedroom. He protects her at night and makes sure the evil monsters under the bed don't come out.
Yellow people in Despicable Me are minions
by 8oz November 14, 2013
20 39
Little white kit who is Jeff Webers servant and all around bitch
god damn it minion
by minionlover23 June 10, 2013
19 47
A really amazingly skilled paintball team from Vancouver, B.C.
The Minions totally schooled the Russian Legions!!
by Polina Z. January 07, 2009
16 44