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The Mini 14 Law states that:
Whoever, in the course of making a pro gun-control point, mentions the Ruger Mini 14, has proved he/she is fundamentally ignorant and the discussion is over.

A rhetoric law that counters the common fallacious argument that a firearm, if used in a highly mediatized tragedy (such as a school shooting) has somehow proved a deadliness superior to other comparable firearms, and should therefore be banned.

Since it is obvious in itself that the name, make or color of a firearm have nothing to do with its use in committing a crime, stating that a particular rifle model is more evil than another similar rifle is illogical, and usually stems from complete ignorance, if not a concious intent to deceive an audience.
Wendy Cukier: Assault rifles and military type sniper rifles are in our streets. Weapons with miitary characteristic like pistol grips and collapsible stocks or high power scopes should be banned. Every day women are being killed by deadly weapons such as the Ruger Mini 14, which is so--

Listener: My head is about to explode from so much ignorance, I invoke the Mini 14 Law, go talk to the plant over there.
#school shooting #hoplophobe #gun free zone #coalition for gun control #iansa #godwin's law #mini 14
by Sardaukar82 November 15, 2010
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