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Selfish and mean
All men are Mingy
by wdowblkwoman October 25, 2009
9 15
The name of Oprah's Vagina in the recent South Park episode "A million little Fibers"
Mingy - "She hasn't played with me in years, not even a pinky"
by Robert P April 20, 2006
91 44
Smaller than normal, stingy, unsatisfying in amount, or cheap. Usually used to describe a serving of drink or food. Dublin, IRL
One ounce of gin in my G&T?! What a mingy portion!
by moots May 29, 2007
33 26
When something is bleak, dull or boring and sometimes feel a tad down.
Today is really mingy
I feel really mingy today
by Cookiemonster091 June 26, 2011
10 7
Adjective, dirty, sticky, used.
A slight change of color and texture from every day use.
"This plush toy became mingy over the years."
by Punkindle March 11, 2014
1 0
The person you love most in the world who gets slightly irritating at the slightest of things
A- I just like to play with babies all day and not do the washing up!
by rtothektothew August 24, 2009
5 15
(minn-jee) oversized ankles
Bry: That cow has some major cankles
Penny: no, man even worse she's gotta case of the mingy. Idk how she fits in sneakers
Bry: Too bad! She would be cute in the face if not such a fat bitch
by wdowblkwoman October 25, 2009
4 17