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A member of a social atmosphere without a particular group. A mingler simply wanders from group to group. He or she may be friends with jocks as well as nerds, goths as well as preps. The enmity between the groups which he or she befriends themselves do not concern a mingler. They are society's neutrals, and generally very outgoing with an individual sense of style.
Everybody knows a minglers name, and so they make for good conversation between "enemies". In a more confined social setting, in which people are divided physically into groups, a mingler often alternates positions. They might hang with the rockers one moment and help nerds with their homework the next. Often their skills are very diverce.
by Shove it October 18, 2005
Shania Sanborn
Shania Sanborn was my wife but then she caught the mingler flu.
by abbbbbyyyyb6a7i8l9e3y April 08, 2011
an ugly person, used in the UK
she's a bit of a mingler there, eh?
by seleta August 01, 2004
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