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A person who likes going down on women regularly.

Also another word for someone who serves milkshake in Mcdonalds.

Minge Pilot, is a term made from the two words "minge" and "pilot" so can be translated to mean someone who flies an aircraft and likes vagina.

It is generally a term used for lesbians as apart from scissoring and fingering, they are limited in what they can do, so they therefore usually go down on their partner.
Oh see Ellie over there? Shes such a minge pilot!

Look at John, he flies a plane and goes down on his wife, what a minge pilot!

Thanks for the vanilla milkshake Mr Minge Pilot!
by Mrtittybojangle January 09, 2014
Someone that remains at a club after their friends have gone home.
Did you see that minge pilot at the club last night?
by fuckoff1234 March 28, 2009

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