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A little yellow north Korean who enjoys his kimchi all day long
Haha, look at that Min-gyu!!!!
by North Korea Luv April 27, 2010
Beauty, cute, intelligence, angelic, and not to mention wonderful and so fine ^_~ and so soft, warm, cuddly.. there is but ONE Ming Yu in existance though.. and she's mine damn it.. XD
This girl I met was a Ming Yu because she was near perfection, but then I noticed she had a flaw so she wasn't a Ming Yu after all..
by Diego Staricewing March 20, 2004
The act of taking a shower exceeding 5 hours, for 7 or more days in a row
I haven't been able to talk to Mitchell on the phone recently because he's been pulling a Mingyu for like a month.
by Dark Mist October 12, 2008