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A group of mingers.
Damn check that group of mingers man total ming dynasty.
by Dumpalump July 31, 2008
The moment of time when you were looking particularly unattractive, that was your Ming Dynasty.
Oh Cheryl before I got my really good hair straighteners it was the Ming Dynasty.

Dave mate, before I cut off my dreadlocks and lost all that weight I was living in the Ming Dynasty. I get all the bitches now.
by Bunzenjane April 16, 2010
Something that is beyond the normal minging or to ming. Somehow it is totally unrelated to the Ming Dynasty.

A guy once said to someone that something minged, the other guy thought that this thing minged so much, it was Ming Dynasty, to imply that it was greater than something that mearly minged, the extensive rule of the Ming Dynasty somehow found its way here to emphasise ming.
Person 1: "OMG that totally mings"
Person 2: "yeh, that is Ming Dynasty"
by SteveOST200 June 06, 2005
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