A gold digger. A woman who tries to get with men simply for their money.
Bitch cleared out my wallet and dipped while I was in the shower. Shoulda known she was a miner.

"I had this miner on the lock. She said, that muthafucka look finer than a fuck."- Slick Rick from "If we give you a chance."

by Charles W March 27, 2008
Top Definition
1. a person who makes a living by working in a mine, digging up coal or whatever else lies beneath...usually several miles underground.
2. a type of school mascot
1. John worked as a miner in the mine...until it collapsed on him.
2. The Gillespie High School Miners are the best in the land!
by badassica March 19, 2006
The one who is owner of something.
Oscar: Look at this! This is mine already.
Kate: Really? Means you are its miner, man.
by Bogachenco December 12, 2011
Oldschool London slang for someone who is considered harmless, or isn't a threat.
''Them man are just miners bruv''

Frisco from Bbk's lyric to Wiley in there infamous clash in ayia napa
''Wiley a my yout, Flowdan a miner''
by MrRiskoe February 23, 2015
its alrite.. its koool
u gotta pick ya brother up at 6

"dats MINER dont watch"
by spitz December 09, 2004
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