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A person with a lot of bling, such as gold and diamonds, in their mouth.

While getting head, have some bling fall out. Ideally you can keep whatever you can knock loose.


“I got a gold nugget from Sean’s mine shaft last night”
by Alaskan Miner September 21, 2009
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1. Means of access to lower regions of a subterranean ore mine.

2. A vagina that is particularly loose, either naturally or in consequence of excessive abuse resulting from multiple child births or repetative breaching by an enlarged penis.
1. "The miners descended into the dimly lit mineshaft, their eyes staring blankly ahead, aware of only the grueling tasks that await them farther down the tracks."

2. "Walter pumped feverishly, only to realize that his hopes of climax were in fact nothing but pipe dreams. Yet again the flame of confidence lit upon his tiny candle had been mercilessly extinguished by the musty gale blowing from Martha's mineshaft."
by Wrist Wristofferson January 22, 2008
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it is where a man inserts his scholng into a womans bumwhol and they thrust it so hard that it causes the womans bumhole to cave in and squirt poo
omg that womans ass caved in like an iraqi mineshaft.

credit ro mark and jess
by Nellieness August 06, 2009
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