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A classic South Australian icon.

1) Originally referring to the buses used to transport disabled children to school (MINDA Inc special school) and on outings.

2) Later adapted to any minibus
3) to family passenger vehicles eg Toyota Torago.
1) Sorry I'm late i was stuck behind a minda bus all the way here
2) Shazza:There's too many of us we'll need two taxi's
Dazza: Nah, if we split a minda bus it'll be cheaper. (and Dazza will be able to buy an extra stubbie of West End Draught)
3) HAHAHA! Pete's mum's driving the new minda bus.
by LizzyTodd January 28, 2011

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a tyndale school bus that mindas catch home e.g. Chloe Teague
chloe caught the minda bus home with her family, ie: siter and brother.
by blake July 04, 2004