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The act of hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting something so amazing, your mind will be blown away. Primarily shown as images to show the greatness of mind=blown.

Used mostly in internet message boards and chats when an individual shares an post/message of something deemed as mind blowing. Can also be used as a term for sarcasm when posting/chating to make an individual the butt of a joke.
examples of mind= blown include:

- chuck norris,

- most interesting man in the world

- pi 3.14 41.3 mind=blown
by Dzlulz December 27, 2011
When someone is so astounded, they can't even form a comprehensive sentence. First used by Chuggaaconroy, a famous Youtuber in one of his Pokemon Crystal episodes, it quickly reached meme status.
Friend one: I just caught a rare pokemon that you don't have
Friend two: Mind = blown
by The Altruistic Anomaly July 09, 2011